Tuesday, 27 March 2007

'Feels like spring has wandered in'

It has been a beautifully warm and sunny day here in St Albans. I went for a run earlier and then, feeling utterly refreshed sat outside in my garden (featured in the pic above) to soak up some rays on this glorious day of days. That feeling of warm sunny weather finally arriving is like no other, and as such I think it deserves its own soundtrack.

So what better excuse for my next post than some sun-soaked tunes to get you in the mood for these warmer times?

First off, these two simply contain the essence of sunshine in their very bones:

MP3: Young Folks - Peter, Bjorn and John
MP3: Play the Hits - Hal

Ska/punk can also be very good for making you happy:

MP3: Good Thing - Reel Big Fish

A track that makes me want to be somewhere sunny, (possibly strutting down a sunny road somewhere?):

MP3: Jackie big tits - The Kooks

I discovered these guys from a very recent post on Neils Life, and one of their tracks 'crazy' is very fitting for this post. They are The Icicles (think Magic Numbers but with more female members and even sweeter harmonies as a result). Oh yes make no mistake, this is very happy music.

MP3: Crazy - The Icicles

...And if by this stage you're not feeling positivley giddy with joy after listening to the music then you really need to lighten up a bit!

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Nick said...

Good stuff James. I've been looking for that whistling one (Young Folks) for a while!