Thursday, 31 May 2007

a touch too much

Random post here. Yesterday I bought tickets for my graduation ball and it just so happened that the headline act was announced that day too. And it is..

Sophie Ellis-Bextor!

Mmmhh I thought, I wasn't really sure what to think of this one. I was certainly somewhat disappointed after hearing rumours that it might be 'The GO! Team' playing. It also sparked the creation of a facebook group called 'who the hell is Sophie Ellis-Bextor?' which may rather aptly sum-up how many felt about it.

Now I don't think she's awful - she has released some low-brow cheesy pop (Murder on the Dancefloor), but she did also release that song 'if this ain't love' with Groovejet, which is a bit of an Ibiza classic. And she is just plain hot. Also I heard her new single and it's a bit indie, which is a promising turn of direction at least. I thought I'd search for MP3s off her new album to see what was install for us and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with what I found.

'Love is Here' is an up-tempo ballad reminiscent of the glory days of Elton John. The lyrics are cheesy as hell (relentlessly optimistic) but then again this is the perfect thing for a graduation ball. I can see this getting people dancing, as if in some scene from the ending credits of a teen Rom-Com (you know, when everyone's at the high-school prom and even the really geeky unpopular kids are getting into it and just having fun).

Finally I'd like to welcome Natalie and Alice as new readers of the blog (and guys, I've posted some songs that I feel are relevant to 'today's incident', the details of which shall remain unpublicised!)

MP3: Junior Kickstart - The GO! Team
MP3: Love is here - Sophie Ellis-Bextor [info]
MP3: Touch too much - AC/DC
MP3: In Too Deep - Sum 41 [info]
MP3: Gettin Enough - Lil' Chris [info]
(Sorry the temptation was just too great to avoid posting this one!)

Monday, 28 May 2007

I Could'a Been a Contender..

Sometimes I feel like I want to be the best. I think everyone probably get's this feeling sometimes, as we are after all animals, competitive by our very nature. I don't ever recall hearing such wonderful musings on this idea however as in this newly released single by Reverend and the Makers:

MP3: Heavyweight Champion of The World - Reverend and the Makers [info]

Put these notions with wonderfully funky basslines and dancy beats and you've got an instant indie-disco classic.

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Juicy tunes

After handing my project in on thursday, I found myself literally in the throws of ecstasy for the the next couple of days. Cue a messy night (culminating in Jesters, as any good messy night should).

Unfortunately since the momentary bliss of my weekend I am faced with the reality that I haven't ACTUALLY graduated yet, which is a bit of a drag really. Cue daily trips to the library at 9:30 AM and coming home between 6-7 PM, and hence not a lot of time to be writing the blog (although I hold my hands well and truly up to playing SWAT 4 instead - damn that game is a addictive!)

So what else can be done? I know - provide you with some of the juiciest tunes I've heard in the last couple of weeks:

MP3: Smoker's Outside The Hospital Doors - Editors
MP3: Mercy Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye Cover) - The Strokes
MP3: Party Pit - The Hold Steady
MP3: Phantom - Justice

In other news I've decided I'm going to South Korea after I graduate to teach English for at least a year. It sounds awesome, well-paid and a safe bet as it's set-up through an independent middle-man who runs a business placing people and therefore there's MUCH less chance you'll get shafted (the Korean private schooling system is poorly regulated and quite corrupt in general).

It will be nice to leave the country!

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

New Contributor.. and Serious TUNE-AGE!

Hey all, appologies for the lack of updates - I'm currently experiencing the most busy stage of my university career (3 essays in 3 weeks, the last being my dissertation).. But what can you do. I suppose the fact that I've been posting less on here may indicate that I am doing some work, and therefore this will lead to me getting a good job.. making some money.. generally succeeding in life ect.. But really work has been off and on (it's on at the moment, which is good), and so the lack of updates has been more down to procrastination (the kind where I can neither commit to doing work or writing the blog). Its ok though because now I am doing work AND writing the blog.

But fear not - for as of today we have a new contributor to the blog! John Violet (sometimes known as V-unit) will be using his literary prowess to help me fill these pages with superb new music recommendations and many an amusing annecdote.

And for being so faithful to me, my regular readers (if you're out there) I reward you with a selection of some of the biggest TUNES over the last couple of months.

(NB. A TUNE is a song that when you hear it makes you instantly think 'this is a TUNE!' in your head)

MP3: Fancy Footwork - Chromeo [Info]
MP3: Suspicious Character - The Blood Arm [Info]
MP3: Poisonous Emblem - The KBC [Info]