Tuesday, 8 May 2007

New Contributor.. and Serious TUNE-AGE!

Hey all, appologies for the lack of updates - I'm currently experiencing the most busy stage of my university career (3 essays in 3 weeks, the last being my dissertation).. But what can you do. I suppose the fact that I've been posting less on here may indicate that I am doing some work, and therefore this will lead to me getting a good job.. making some money.. generally succeeding in life ect.. But really work has been off and on (it's on at the moment, which is good), and so the lack of updates has been more down to procrastination (the kind where I can neither commit to doing work or writing the blog). Its ok though because now I am doing work AND writing the blog.

But fear not - for as of today we have a new contributor to the blog! John Violet (sometimes known as V-unit) will be using his literary prowess to help me fill these pages with superb new music recommendations and many an amusing annecdote.

And for being so faithful to me, my regular readers (if you're out there) I reward you with a selection of some of the biggest TUNES over the last couple of months.

(NB. A TUNE is a song that when you hear it makes you instantly think 'this is a TUNE!' in your head)

MP3: Fancy Footwork - Chromeo [Info]
MP3: Suspicious Character - The Blood Arm [Info]
MP3: Poisonous Emblem - The KBC [Info]

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