Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Juicy tunes

After handing my project in on thursday, I found myself literally in the throws of ecstasy for the the next couple of days. Cue a messy night (culminating in Jesters, as any good messy night should).

Unfortunately since the momentary bliss of my weekend I am faced with the reality that I haven't ACTUALLY graduated yet, which is a bit of a drag really. Cue daily trips to the library at 9:30 AM and coming home between 6-7 PM, and hence not a lot of time to be writing the blog (although I hold my hands well and truly up to playing SWAT 4 instead - damn that game is a addictive!)

So what else can be done? I know - provide you with some of the juiciest tunes I've heard in the last couple of weeks:

MP3: Smoker's Outside The Hospital Doors - Editors
MP3: Mercy Mercy Me (Marvin Gaye Cover) - The Strokes
MP3: Party Pit - The Hold Steady
MP3: Phantom - Justice

In other news I've decided I'm going to South Korea after I graduate to teach English for at least a year. It sounds awesome, well-paid and a safe bet as it's set-up through an independent middle-man who runs a business placing people and therefore there's MUCH less chance you'll get shafted (the Korean private schooling system is poorly regulated and quite corrupt in general).

It will be nice to leave the country!

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Say Anything Syndrome said...

Oddly, I just wrote my first post in a while and it mentions the new Editors song... I saw your comment just before I went to publish it, looked here and you have the song. Handy that. Consider it linked.