Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Birds can fly so high (and shit on your head)

It's been a little while since my last blog, my apologies! I was at fight camp last weekend with my tae kwon do club (that's me in the pic below with the blue belt and holding the board) and only got back on Sunday evening, completely knackered, and have been finding other ways of occupying myself since. Anyway.. I'M HERE NOW. And I'm ready for my next post.

Nu-Lyricism. It's the name I've just decided on for the lyrical stylings of several current artists who take a much more (how should I say this..) informal-style with their approach to singing. It's hard to pin down what it is exactly, but these singers are in-between singing and talking alot of the time, but they're NOT rapping.

Who am I referring to? Well the idea for this post came while I was listening to Kate Nash for the first time, who is a young songwriter with a style not completely dissimilar to Lily Allen. Listening to her song 'Birds' at first I found it rather annoying how she was being so casual with her words - it almost sounded like an un-edited stream of consciousness, rendered in chav-speak! Then there were a few little plays on words, which brought a smile to my face, and before long I found I was really enjoying it. This all came to a climax with a funny/gorgeous chorus (in that order) by which time I had truly been converted.

MP3: Birds - Kate Nash (highly recommended)

I think the best way to enjoy this music is simply not to take it too seriously! It's an acquired taste, a different style to what we've all been brought-up on, it's not 3-minute-pop! Even though not all the lyrics are intelligent, this is ok! These are funny, different lyrics, and when they are intelligent it just makes the contrast all the better.

Here's a few more artists to enjoy who are on the same (or technically speaking, more similar) wavelengths.

MP3: Emily Kane - Art Brut (highly recommended)
MP3: Sheila - Jamie T
MP3: Bigger boys and stolen sweethearts - Arctic Monkeys

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