Friday, 15 June 2007

Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine

Last night = The Graduation Ball!

There was..

Sophie Ellis-Bextor (not as hot in real life I've got to say..)

Cool-looking old dudes playing jazz..

Lots of fun had by all! (looking quite drunk here)

To be frank I was rather dissapointed by Sophie's performance (though to be fair, I wasn't expecting much). It was simply lacklustre. She shimmied and wiggled a little bit but didn't look like she was really enjoying herself. My biggest complaint however was that neither she nor her band appeared to be singing or playing live.

To be fair to the girl though, playing to a roomful of pissed-up students who mostly don't like her music can't be the kind of gig she really wants to be playing, so perhaps if you want to see the real enthusiastic Sophie (the one the programme described her as) then you need to see her live. Though I'll give her this, she does have some damn catchy songs; set opener 'if I can't dance' has been stuck in my head since she sang it (or rather, didn't sing it!)

MP3: If I can't dance - Sophie Ellis Bextor [info]

The next act were clearly a really talented student band who tore their way through covers of some favourite student anthems. These were some real classics, songs that'll remind us all of our university years for many years to come I'm sure.

Mr Brightside is one of my favourite songs of all time. I think something about it makes it especially appropriate for university too. For instance the lyric:
'Coming out of my cage and I've been doing just fine'
That's a feeling I'll definitley associate with coming through university.

MP3: Mr Brightside (Live XFM Session 2004)- The Killers

This one is another favourite at student cheese nights the band also played.

MP3: Sweet Child O'Mine (Live Era 87'-93') - Guns N' Roses

Next to take the stage was Edith Bowman, who played a very pleasing set of indie favourites, and by this I mean more student anthems. When she played Basket Case by Green Day I suddenly felt this feeling of connectedness between my disparate years of university life. I recalled hearing it in the very first week at the freshers ball and being happy to see that everyone could enjoy a good song with self-depricating lyrics. I felt like I'd come full circle.

MP3: Basket Case - Green Day

And finally I feel compelled to post some songs which I think aptly sum-up the feelings associated with coming to the end of an era, and songs I generally associate with my years of student-hood.

MP3: End of the Road - The Bombjacks [Highly Recommended]
MP3: End of a Century - Blur
MP3: Sit Down - James
MP3: Just Like Heaven - The Cure

This is a sad one :'(

MP3: This is the last time - Keane


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